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The Range offers our guests a chance to try different firearms, in different calibers.  This all-inclusive package provides you access to our entire rental fleet (for a certain caliber firearm), plus a box of ammunition, lane and target all for one low price.


Try a Firearm is a result of many of our guests being interested in purchasing a firearm but not sure what caliber or model they want.

Take advantage of trying all our 9mm rental handguns if 9mm is your desired purchase, or if you want to purchase a 40SW, try all of our 40 caliber handguns. If the 45acp or .380acp are more your speed, then you may try all that caliber.  With the Try a Firearm program you get your chance to try each caliber.

***If you decide to purchase a firearm on the day you participate in Try a Firearm you will only pay for the ammo used.***

No sign up is necessary.  The Try a Firearm program includes the following:

A single caliber firearm (all available rentals can be shot)
1- 50 round box of ammunition
1 – Target
Hand gun lane (normal lane rules apply)
Eye protection
Hearing protection
Consultation with range staff

Price per person

  • 9mm – $60.00
  • 40SW – $63.00
  • 380acp – $63.00
  • 38 special – $64.00
  • 45acp – $65.00


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