Ammo policy

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The Range at Lake Norman is proud to announce our new ammunition policy. Our new policy is a result of the valuable feedback we have received from you, our customers, and others who have desired to shoot at The Range in the past but have had issues with their ammo. Our revised policy will allow shooters to have different types of experiences and also allow us to maintain our clean lanes.

The Range has lifted any and all ammo restrictions, except for the following:


  • No armor piercing rounds
  • No tracer or incendiary rounds
  • Shotgun shooters are required to shoot slug or waded buck shot. Bird shot is strictly prohibited from being shot in The Range. Shotgun shooters are allowed to shoot Federal Flite Control waded buck shot.  Only Flite control waded buckshot or comparable waded buckshot will be allowed. Shotgun shooting is limited to those with a valid Range membership.

Rifle shooters are permitted to shoot up to a .338 Lapua. If you would like to shoot any larger caliber, please contact one of our associates in advance. Absolutely NO tracer rounds, light armor piercing or armor piercing rounds of any type are allowed at any time. (If your AR ammo has a colored tip, not a polymer tip, it probably won’t be allowed)

The following are strictly prohibited from being shot at The Range:

  • Bird and Buck Shot (except for waded buckshot – see above)
  • Tracer or incendiary rounds
  • Armor or metal piercing rounds

All Rifle magazines with ammo in them will be inspected