NFA Devices

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The Range is a Class 3 dealer.  We deal in Short Barrel Rifles (SBR), Silencers, and other NFA items.  If you are looking for an NFA device, please contact our staff or email us to get pricing and delivery information.

We also handle the transfer of NFA devices.  This is a long and time-consuming process, and many times can be shortened by ordering directly from The Range.

NFA Transfers have different fees, as follows:

NFA device transfer fee – $175.00. No transfer fees from The Pineville Gun Shop or The Range at Ballantyne.

Each device requires a $200 tax stamp check made out to: BATFE

All Transfer applicants will be notified within 72 hours of receipt of the device.

All paperwork must be delivered to The Range to process the Form 4 within 30 days of notification, or a storage fee of $30 will be assessed.

All Form 4’s require either a trust or sign off by your County Sheriff.

For further details, please contact The Range 704-895-3155

Any device left over 6 months after first notification is subject to sale.