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The Range at Lake Norman has access to most firearms for purchase directly from our store.  You can also purchase online from our sister company The Pineville Gun Shop.  All orders from The Pineville Gun Shop still receive our 30 day range membership.  If we cannot provide what is needed, we are happy to assist with the transfer of your online purchase.

Please fill out the form below to start the transfer process.  Once your firearm is received, it can take up to 48 hours to process the firearm depending on who shipped it and whether they sent all proper documentation.  We will notify you once the firearm is ready for pickup.  Transfer fees are as follows.

  • Non-Member FFL transfers* – $80.00
  • Member FFL transfers – 50% off posted transfer fee
  • Transfers from an individual, not shipped from an FFL – $125.00
  • Any firearms purchased from one of our facilities and transferred to another never incurs a transfer fee (BallantyneLake Norman or The Pineville Gun Shop)*
  • NFA Transfers – all NFA transfers have a $175 transfer fee, plus your tax stamp
  • Palmetto State Armory – if you have placed an order with PSA, please be sure to include your state in the address below.  PSA has changed their shipping process and we have to make some changes if you are an NC resident

*All transfers to The Pineville Gun shop must be shipped to The Range at Ballantyne.
*Includes 30 days of free range time, starts when you are notified that your firearm is ready for pickup
Please be sure all transfers are shipped to your proper State’s facility.
NC residents must pick up handguns at one of our NC facilities.
SC residents must pick up handguns at The Range at Ballantyne.
Purchases at any of our facilities may incur a $10 processing fee to be sold to another of our facilities – check with staff for details
Any shipments from Wholesale Hunter will have a $150 transfer fee.
Any Firearms transferred in without the accompanying transfer form will incur a $20 surcharge on transfer fees.
Any transfer not picked up within 30 days will incur a storage fee of $30.00 per month
Any transferred items not picked up in 6 months will be sold (excluding NFA devices)
Any items requested to be shipped back may be subject to all transfer fees and shipping charges.
Failure to fill out a transfer request form, may result in up to a $100.00 transfer fee

  • Please fill address out completely
  • cell phone, so we can text you when the firearm is ready for pickup
  • Your email address so we can communicate if we have any questions.
  • This is the email address for us to send our FFL to. If you enter your email address, the FFL will not be sent and the transfer will not occur!