Bowling Pin Shoot

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Like bowling but frustrated with your game? Then come on out for The Range at Lake Norman’s bowling pin shoot, and take out your frustrations on the pins. This monthly event starts at 6:30 pm.  Come join the fun!

All normal range rules and range safety rules apply.  Register for the next Bowling pin shoot here

Distance: 15 yards

Pin type:
Five full-size bowling pins.

Pin tables:
36″ to 40″ high, there are two four-inch deep platforms per lane.

Pin setup:
Pins are setup with two pins on the front row, 22 inches apart.  Three pins on the back row, 22 inches apart.

Matches are head-to-head. The first shooter to get all five pins ON THE GROUND wins the round. Pins knocked over must be shot off the platform and onto the ground. Ties are shot over. Each round is limited to one minute, the winner of each round moves on to the next round (single elimination).

All commands from RSO are mandatory. Failure to follow RSO commands will be grounds for removing shooter from range for the remainder of the competition.

Timing In:
Each shooter shoots two sets of five pins; each is individually timed. The shooter’s times are added together, and the first round match-ups are determined by qualifying times. Match-ups are fastest against next fastest down to slowest against next slowest.

Start: Referee’s commands are typically: “Shooters to the line,” “Load and make ready, “Ready on the left,” “Ready on the right,” and “Standby.” Shooter’s start position can be either be with gun touching the table, or with the gun pointed down at a 45 degree angle. When the referee announces “FIRE”, the shooters commence firing until the referee announces either “Winner on the Left,” “Winner on the right,” or “Tie table.”

Magazines: Shooters can load no more than ten rounds in their first magazine. One loaded magazine at a time, once the first magazine is shot, shooters must reload a magazine to continue shooting.

High-velocity, high-grain bullets are recommended.

Cost: $15 per person.

Prizes: The winner each month will receive the Golden Pin for the month