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Covid has caused havoc in the firearms industry. As Covid started, we were quickly followed by the unrest and violent protests by the marxist Black Lives Matter Organization. This rioting and violent protesting lead to unprecedented demand in the firearms industry, at the same time that manufacturers were shutting down due to covid and issues with steel being imported was beginning to be affected.


The majority of our distributors ran out of product. The majority of manufacturers ran out of product. The Supply chain broke! One manufacturer, Smith & Wesson, manufactures all of its components and has been able to keep products flowing. The rest have all run into issues.


We are getting quotes on delivery times of late summer 2021 from some manufacturers. Others who manufacturer parts overseas are seeing long times for getting their products to market. Patience is the key!


At the same time, if you are a resident of Mecklenburg county, the permit process is taking up to 10 weeks for pistol purchase permits and 9 months for concealed weapon permits.


Overall it is a messed up industry. Firearms, Ammo and permits are all on backorder.


Patience and we will all make it through to the other side.


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