Firearms Consultation

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Are you in the market to purchase a handgun, rifle or shotgun, but you don’t know what the right gun is for you? Let our experienced firearms consultants assist you. When you arrive for your consultation appointment, you will be asked a series of questions regarding your specific needs for personal protection and sports shooting. Your consultant will suggest the make/model and type of firearm that best suits your needs, and you will try various makes and models until you find the firearm that suits you best.

You will receive a complete evaluation and recommendation form at the end of your consultation, and if you purchase a firearm from The Range at Lake Norman upon completion of your consultation you will receive a two month Range membership.

Consultation fee is $75, and includes all test firearms, ammunition, lane time, use and consultation services.

To inquire about and/or schedule a consultation call The Range at Lake Norman at 704.895.3155 or email us at