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You have selected the Monthly instructor membership membership level.

Are you an NRA certified instructor looking for a facility to do training?  We offer our instructor membership, which allows you use of our classroom and lanes for instruction for individuals and for classes.  This membership level includes the following:

  • Classroom use as available with a minimum of 14 days advanced notice - fee for use is $100.00 per day or fraction of a day. you are responsible for cleaning up after using the classroom.
  • Lane usage for training, maximum of 1 lane per instructor per hour session, must be reserved in advance through our website reservation system.
  • Trainees are required to pay all applicable lane fees and other published usage fees.
  • Trainees must use Range rental guns and range ammunition and targets (unless they own their own)
  • Trainees and instructor must have a liability waiver signed and on file
  • Trainees and instructors are required to abide by all Range rules and regulations

There is a $99.00 application fee. You must provide copies of your training credentials.  You must provide insurance of at least $1million with Lake Norman Sporting Arms and Range, Inc.  and its subsidiaries, named as additionally insured and provide a copy of the policy to our staff.

For questions or further information, please contact us

The price for membership is $299.99 per Month. Customers in NC will be charged 7.25% tax.

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Membership Terms

All Membership types are covered under the Terms of Service.Weekday members will be charged lane fees when shooting in weekends at a 50% discount. All other memberships have full access when facility is open 7 days a week.

All memberships include the following benefits:

  • No lane fees for members
  • 50% off all rental guns
  • Discounts on all ammunition
  • Discounts on cleaning of firearms
  • 50% discount on all FFL transferred firearms
  • Discounted Guest passes
  • Discounts on all firearms
  • Priority lane access
  • Member only sales

Membership Definitions:
Individual memberships are for 1 person. Family memberships are for up to 5 people residing at the same address. RWB memberships are for all honorably discharged military, current military and current and retired first responders (proof required).

All annual memberships will auto renew only if the auto renew checkbox is selected above, on your renewal date, unless cancelled by you 7-10 business days before your renewal. If you do not select auto renew and your membership does not renew, you are subject to paying the application fee again.

All memberships pay a non-refundable application fee of $49.00. if your membership is cancelled for any reason and you want to renew your membership, you may be subject to paying the application fee again.

All members must have a current liability form on file with The Range. All members must have a current credit card on file at The Range.

All members are responsible for their own safety and for ensuring that all of their family members and guests are using The range in an appropriate manner that abides by the range rules and guidelines that change from time to time.

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