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The Range at Lake Norman is an NFA licensed dealer. So what does that mean?  NFA or National Firearms Act of 1934 placed restrictions on certain types of firearms and devices, including machine guns and silencers.  These are traditionally referred to as Class 3 devices ( a common misnomer).

All this being said, The Range carries Silencers, SBR’s and ISR’s.  We carry products from Silencerco, Innovative Arms, OSS, DeadAir, and many more.  We will work with silencer customers to assist in the acquisition of these devices, including assisting in setting up your Gun trust at no cost to you.

With the purchase of each silencer, you will of course receive a 30 day range membership.  You will also be allowed to use your silencer in The Range, while the ATF processes your transaction.

Stop in and see us so we can talk some more about Silencers.

We will handle all of your paperwork, fingerprints and forms to submit to the BATFE.