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Did you purchase a new gun that a friend recommended?  Maybe it was something a local gun shop sales person loved, but you hate it?  Or maybe you did your research and the firearm you purchased just was not the right fit.  This happens far too often.  Many people purchase the wrong firearm and it winds up sitting on a shelf and does not get used.  Sadly, that’s at least a couple hundred dollars, and in most cases much more, down the drain. The Range at Lake Norman and our sister facilities have come up with a solution to this problem:

Introducing our 30 day exchange program!

That’s right, if you bought a new firearm from us or any other local firearms dealer, and it is not the right fit for you, you have 30 days to exchange it at The Range at Lake Norman for the right firearm.

We encourage all of our customers to try a firearm before they buy it to find the right fit because a firearm purchase is as individual as the person purchasing it.  However, at many gun ranges and all gun shops, there is no way to try something before you buy it.  Worse yet, if you find you purchased the wrong firearm, most gun shops and ranges will only credit you back about 40% of what you paid for the firearm.  But, if you bring your newly purchased firearm into The Range we will give you 100% of the purchase price* toward the perfect firearm for you!

*How the program works:

  1. The firearm must be in like new condition and have all original paperwork intact.
  2. Firearm must have been purchased from a local retail shop. Online purchases are not eligible.
  3. Firearm must have been purchased in the last 30 days, and you must have the original purchase receipt.
  4. Firearm must be a firearm stocked and sold by The Range (call The Range to inquire if your purchase is a regularly stocked item).  All major quality manufacturers are covered.
  5. Firearm will be refunded with a store credit for purchase price minus sales tax or any transfer fees. Credit can only be used for the purchase of another in stock firearm. No special orders for exchanges. Credit amount applied towards MSRP of the new firearm.
  6. No refunds for accessories, firearms only.
  7. No refunds for accessories or ammunition: firearms only.
  8. Purchaser must have or purchase a Range membership to qualify (Must have been a purchased membership. 30 Day free lanes does not apply).
  9. Further details may apply, check with staff for full details.