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At The Range at Lake Norman, we pride ourselves on delivering first-class service. Here is what our clients have said about us:


We wanted to drop a quick note and say thank you for a wonderful experience. It was our son’s 14th birthday and we were looking for a unique activity. Josh had a wonderful time at a scout camping trip where they shot shotguns and he earned a merit badge. He suggested going to a range and we’re glad we came to The Range at Lake Norman. Josh and his friends had a great time shooting in the range and using the simulator.

Your team was unbelievable…Randy stressed safety but also wanted to make sure the boys had a great time. He made sure they understood the rules and how to properly/safely handle the firearms. Jeff was our RSO and he was very attentive. He assisted the boys as needed while allowing them to take responsibility. The boys really enjoyed the simulator and Boy Wonder worked well with them. It was awesome to work with the real life situations…and I think the boys did well.

Once the activities started to wrap up, it was nice having access to the lounge. We put the targets out on the floor and the boys compared their marksmanship. They said it was just like being in your living room at home. They watched cartoons and munched on some pizza and cake.

Given our experience, my husband is toying with purchasing a gun and coming back to The Range and my father-in-law is looking into the Senior Night activities. I’m even talking to a few friends about coming for ladies night later this summer. Please pass along a special thanks to your team for their support; we really appreciate all of you for helping us to make Josh’s 14th birthday a memorable experience.


Melissa, Jeff P.



Had a blast Saturday, please thank Keith again for a being a great instructor.  This is posted on my web page…



I would like to extend our sincere gratitude to your staff for taking great care of us during our visit on Wednesday to celebrate my son’s birthday.  It is one he will remember for a long time.  We are pleased with the service we have received and will definitely recommend the experience to others and we will look forward to our next visit to The Range at Lake Norman.

Again, thank you and your staff for a great experience.


Jeff A


Thank you so much for hosting the Crossfit Davidson members Sat. night, everyone had a really great time, and your staff was very helpful. I hope you’ll have us back again sometime in the future!

Alyson B.


I wanted to let you know the event there was a hit and the place was a great choice.  Thank you for all of your help and please thank your staff for us.  They were exceptional!  You should be proud of them-so helpful,  friendly, knowledgeable.  We were thrilled.


Marsha and hosts

Hi Tricia!

Just had to tell you how much fun I had at Ladies night last night!  It was a great event that I plan to add to my calendar each month!  It was the perfect atmosphere for me.  I felt extremely comfortable and loved having the instructors close at hand!  I think I’m hooked!

Thanks again!!!

Becky J


We found the range on your web site and decided to come by.  Your site was very professional and the thing that decided our visit was the emphasis on training and focus on women.  I retired from the Air Force after 32 years of service and had formal small arms training and annual certifications.  I also have had concealed permits in Alabama and Pennsylvania and have routinely carried a firearm in our RV for many years.  However, Mona was uncomfortable with pistols although she has shot several times.

Our property outside Denver is rural and our shop and garage were burglarized about 18 months ago.  Since that time Mona has been uncomfortable with staying home alone when I am away.  Likewise with traveling in the RV as we often travel in remote areas.  The fact that the high rates of unemployment and disregard for property and personal rights is unnerving with personal protection becoming increasingly important.  About three months ago Mona expressed her desire to get a permit and training to carry both in Florida and NC and also when traveling in the RV.

The time spent with us explaining the different revolvers and semi automatics was greatly appreciated and extremely beneficial.  Although the 9MM  she initially liked didn’t work out having her shoot the revolver and the PK 380 with the easy slide mechanism she was able to make a decision on the PK380.  The major satisfaction was being able to rent a revolver and semi automatic for her to fire them in a controlled and supervised environment.

Your facility was very professional but the time taken with us at the range was paramount to her experience and mine.  Mona said she was very nervous when we started and even quivery after the first shot but after a few rounds she was comfortable. Even enjoying the experience.  Our intent was to purchase the firearms and receive training in NC as we spend the summer here.  We initially thought we could get a pemit in NC as we own property here and pay NC property tax but after discussing the NC requirements for permitting with your staff we will proceed with the Florida paperwork when we return to Florida for a few weeks in June.  We will also find out if course work must be done in Florida or if they will honor your courses.  At the minimum, we intend to continue shooting here and will discuss personal training for Mona in concert with range firing.  I also can benefit from instruction as only firing annually does not make an expert by any means.  All in all our experience was very enjoyable.

Thanks again for your staffs assistance.
Skip and Mona B