Competitive Shooting

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Competitive Shooting at the Range at Lake Norman

The Action Pistol Competitive Shooting Series (APCSS)

at The Range at Lake Norman is designed for shooters who want to practice or improve their pistol skills in competitive shooting. It will help shooters prepare for stepping into competitive shooting such as USPSA and IDPA type events, while more seasoned shooters can use this as a way to Practice, Improve and Compete. The format for the stages in the monthly APCSS match is also the Pistol Stage format for the 3 Gun match which is run on the last Sunday morning of each month (always check the calendar).

Action Pistol Night

The Action Pistol Night usually takes place around the first Thursday of the month (always check the calendar). This gives shooters a chance to Practice and run through drills for certain elements of the upcoming APCSS. The first hour of the Action Pistol night will be Practice and Drills while the second hour will be running through one stage of the pistol course while under the clock.

USPSA Match night

This is a 3 stage pistol competition run under the clock. It usually takes place around the first and third Thursday of the month (always check the calendar). There are reactive targets and cardboard targets which are all worth points. Your total stage points are divided by your stage time to give you a hit rate. The shooter with the highest hit rate scores all stage points and each competitor will earn stage points calculated as a percentage of the best hit rate of the stage. Overall winner will be the shooter with the most points after all three stages.  This is a sanctioned USPSA competition.

Bowling Night

This is a great way to practice sight alignment and trigger control. Five pins are set at 15 yards. Each shooter starts with two magazines loaded with a maximum of eight rounds. For wheel gunners you will start with your revolver loaded with eight rounds with one speedloader with no more than 8 rounds. Start is at “high ready” with the firearm in a loaded condition. On the buzzer shooters will be timed on how fast they can drop 5 pins. There are two qualification stages followed by a single elimination competition.

Equipment and Gear

For bowling Pin night

  • Handgun
  • 2 magazines (or speedloaders/moonclips)
  • 50 to 75 rounds of ammunition

For Action Pistol and the USPSA Match

we recommend the following equipment:

  • Handgun
  • 5 magazines (or speedloaders/moonclips)
  • Outside of waistband holster
  • 4 magazine pouches (or speedloader/moonclip holders)
  • 100 rounds of ammunition
  • Optional: Competition belt