Living Social and Groupon

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To all Living Social and Groupon purchasers, thank you for your purchase and we hope you have enjoyed The Range.

We have offered Living Social and Groupon specials and have had an overwhelming response from the local region.  Thank you all!  Following are some general guidelines

  • One certificate per person
  • All participants must follow all range rules
  • The certificates are limited to .22LR and 9mm ammunition
  • Each certificate is limited to one standard target and one firearm rental
  • Additional targets, rentals and firearm may be purchased at standard pricing
  • Personal instruction is available
  • Lane time will be limited to 1 hour if we have a wait for lanes, you can then get on the wait list
  • All shooting is first come first serve
  • We require all shooters to provide a credit card to be on file while shooting
  • Any damage caused to the facility is the responsibility of the shooter
  • All safety rules WILL be followed!

If you are new to shooting, we highly encourage taking lessons.  Our standard rate for personal instruction is $50 and hour.  we will break this down into 15 minute increments for Living Social and Groupon shooters for $15 for each 15 minute session.  this is one on one with the instructor and has proven to be valuable to new shooters.

Have fun, be safe and enjoy The Range.  If you have any other questions, feel free to email us at