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You now have your concealed Carry permit, or are carrying a firearm in North Carolina as an open carry firearm.  What happens if there is a confrontation?  What will you do? Where is your firearm? Are you ready?

The worst thing that can happen in a confrontation is for you to be carrying and not be prepared to deploy.  Many studies have shown that in a confrontation, your vision, dexterity and ability to react are significantly reduced.  How do you avoid this? Training and practice!

The Range at Lake Norman takes your safety seriously.  We have recently had all of our NRA certified instructors go through training with Fenix Training, to ensure we provide our guests with the most practical and effective training for carrying and manipulating a handgun.

Our Practical firearms training, takes the concealed carry and open carry person to a new level in confidence and expertise when carry.  We have created a three level course that allows our guests to learn at a pace that coincides with their lifestyle.

Level 1 – To train the beginning carrier who has little or no experience carrying a handgun in proper handgun fundamentals. To make sure the student is competent in the understanding, handling and operation of their personal handgun. To educate the student in safe firearms handling and safety procedures in and outside of the home. To stress the proper use of marksmanship fundamentals and body mechanics so the student utilizes the proper platform when shooting.  This is a classroom only session, preparing you for the next level which brings you to a live fire environment.  This is a two hour session.

Level 2 – Take your classroom training into the range. Practice marksmanship, how to handle emergency and tactical reloading, and how to condition your body to be ready for the stress undertaking in a life altering encounter.  This three hour session pends time in the classroom reviewing Level 1, and the majority of the time is spent in the range performing practical drills. This is a 2 hour session and requires 50 rounds of ammunition.

Level 3 – No that you understand the skills, put them to the test.  This class is designed to practice and perfect the skills learned in level 1 and level 2.  This class will be strictly on the range and will go over a review of level 1 and level 2, and take you into stressful shooting situations.  These can include advancing targets, low light situations, shoot don’t shoot situations.  This is a 3 hour class and requires a minimum of 150 rounds of ammunition.

The Practical Firearms training can be purchased as individual classes or as a bundle.  if purchased as a bundle, the classes must be completed within a 6 month time frame.  The classes are broken down as follows:

Level 1 – $75.00
Level 2 – $75.00
Level 3 – $90.00

if all three are purchased as a bundle, the cost for all three is $180.00

For Further details you can contact any of The Range associates, or you can signup here